Sunday, June 13, 2010

Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set

Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway is one of the best and hottest selling toys! The amazing wooden railway set includes everything needed for the perfect railway fun. Set includes a spacious roundhouse engine shed, curved and straight track pieces, trees, workers, traffic signs, multi-piece magnetic trains, switches, and T-junction for passing lanes. Melissa & Doug wooden railway set is durable, fun, entertaining, and the perfect gift for young children! Keeps children entertained for hours with their choo choo! The best educational train set for young children!

125x125 M&D Logo Banner

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jewel Lullaby CD

Multi-platinum recording artist Jewel partnered with fisher price to create an outstanding lullaby cd for children. Jewel says "This isn't just a 'kids album'; it's really a mood album-perfect to relax at the end of the day. It will soothe and lull children, but was also written for adults to listen and unwind with." As you are putting your child to sleep with this beautiful Jewel lullaby cd, you will also enjoy listening to the acoustic and soothing music. Jewel lullaby cd includes classics such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. The album has received five stars for its earthy and exquisite mature feel and sound. The lullaby music is soothing, calming, and the perfect cd to relax and fall asleep to. Daycare's across the world are choosing the Jewel lullaby cd for their children for a relaxing transition into naptime. This cd is said to be the only lullaby music parents want to listen to repeatedly, even when their child isn't ready for naptime. Jewel lullaby is a beautiful cd which shows her amazing talent and exquisite earthy tone.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Best Toddler Toys

Most people may think that playing with toys as toddlers is just that-playing. Toddlers learn multiple concepts through solitary playing with toys as well as playing with others. Play comes naturally for children and toys can teach the children new things as they are engaged in play activities. Toddlers learn trial and error, math, science concepts, how their imagination works, language, colors, music, numbers, shapes, textures, daily life essentials, socialization skills, sharing, problem solving, and more. Toys promote small and large motor skills which help the toddler development into their childhood such as pushing, pulling. stacking, building, jumping, walking, throwing, running and much more! The best toddler toys are those which can teach children multiple areas of development rather than just one. Although all toys are fun and meaningful, there are best toddler toys! Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Toddler Toys.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Benefits of Reading to Toddlers

The first three years of life is crucial as the brain is absorbing various amounts of information while the brain develops and matures. Language begins as young as infancy through cooing and grows into words and sentences. Benefits of reading to toddlers ranges from the bonding relationship between parent and child to the essential needs they learn from the books. Through reading independently and reading with your child, they will be able to develop their language and learn concepts such as colors, shapes, animals, daily essentials, noises, textures, letters, and much more. Reading with your child builds a sense of bonding from one-on-one interaction and the parents can learn their child's interests as well as what the child already knows and can recognize. New words and concepts are learned through reading and looking at the pages of books. As children listen to stories over and over they begin to repeat what they are hearing and apply that to everyday life. Books are an excellent source of teaching children new concepts such brushing your teeth, potty training, sharing and more. Studies have shown that children who read with their parents as young as toddlers are better readers once they enter Kindergarten. Benefits of reading to toddlers is everlasting and stays with the child for the rest their lives as part of their growing process. Reading with your child is the best way to increase vocabulary and learn new concepts which builds and promotes the development of the child.

Tips and Advice on How to Read with Your Child:

1. Read the same book over and over. Repetitiveness of a story will stick with a child, and they will learn through hearing the same words more than once.

2. Ask your child questions and point out things about the story depending on their stage of development. "Look at the purple flower." "Where's the puppy?" "What sound does a cat make?"

3. Use puppets and toys to interact the child with the story that relates to what you are reading.

4. Make the book fun! Become the character in the story using different and silly voices.

5. Praise your child for pointing out objects and answering your questions. Good job! You found the blue car!

6. Board books are great for toddlers because they cannot rip the pages. Toddlers also enjoy flap books because they can interact with the story and find the hiding objects, and feel different textures.

7. Create a reading routine by choosing and setting up a daily time to read with your child.

8. Create a cozy environment with pillows, blankets, and your child's favorite toy before reading.

9. If the story is a song, don't be afraid to sing it! Songs and rhymes are easy for children to remember.

10. If the story can use actions such as wiggle your arms or shake your feet, encourage your child to do these actions.

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